What we stand for and shall be measured against

Science - Use results from modern behavioral science as a strong foundation for products and interactions.
Usability - Continuously increase simplicity. Collect feedback early and often. Make products available to and affordable for endusers.
Respect - Design for speed, security & privacy. Offer personalization. Be punctual. Keep business model aligned with user needs.
Purpose - Profit alone is not sufficient motivation, peoples lives need to be improved.
Round Table - Create excellent equals among colleagues. Don't use job titles. Employ only people that fit in every dimension (competence, culture, core values).
Integrity - Let your word be your bond. Don´t lie to, cheat or take advantage of anyone. Reward honesty. Treat people equally (e.g. salaries or prices).
Sustainability - Design for durability. Develop genuine win-win relationships. Have data exportable in usable formats. Conserve resources.
Efficiency - Value results not efforts. Employ as few people as possible. Have no offices. Prioritize products over services. Focus.
Digital Squirrel - Make healthy habits pleasant. Win the hearts and minds of people in a playful way.

Now wouldn’t it be great if all of these principles added up to something positive and easily memorable?
Like creating a word from all their first letters?
Well, let´s just say we think you will be continually SURPRISED about what Risu-Apps will do for you.
Professionally as well as personally ;-)

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