The Digital Squirrel Principle

December 10, 2015 by Karsten

A single acorn, buried in the ground does not make that much of a difference for a squirrel:
It might not be found again.
It might not grow into anything.

Burying a few acorns per day, every day, for half a year, however, will make a big difference:
Some will be found, providing the calories to survive winter.
Some will grow into mighty oak trees, providing even more acorns in the future.

This is the essence of healthy habits:
Do something small and positive. Do it regularly.
Over time the combined effect will be enormous.

It could be a daily "7-Minute-Workout", leading to weight loss and fitness.
It could be a daily 1-Minute-Journal of "Highlights", leading to gratitude and mindfulness.
It could be a "Daily Quest", leading to personal growth.

Digital squirrels have an advantage over their real world counterparts, however:
They can bury their acorn and eat it, too :-)
There is no reason that a healthy habit can not also be pleasant:

  • The 7-Minute-Workout will make you feel energized and proud for the rest of the day
  • Writing down a Highlight for your 1-Minute-Journal will let you reminisce about it
  • Each Daily Quest will be an interesting experience, worthwhile in and of itself
  • This "Digital Squirrel Principle" is what Risu-Apps is all about: Apps that make healthy habits pleasant.