We are currently looking for great salespeople.

What do you get?

50% of license revenue and 25% of service revenue as commission for any ready-to-sign deal with a new customer you bring.

Paid whenever the customer pays and as long as the deal runs.
Bring a deal for 5 years with monthly payments and that will be your payment duration and schedule as well.

For follow-up deals with that same customer these rates will be halved (25% / 12,5%). So you will continue to benefit from each of "your" customers.

What do you NOT get?

A fixed salary.

What do we care about?

Our principles.
Our products.
Our corporate offering.
You should be passionate about all 3.

What do we NOT care about?

Where you work from. Whether you work full-time, part-time or in your free time.
How you look. Whether you are experienced or not.


Let´s talk:

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