Become significantly happier ...

... with only 1 minute of effort per day.

How does it work?

  • Write down up to 5 good things that happened to you today, your "Highlights". Be as concise as you can, maybe only using 2-3 words each.
  • Sort your Highlights so the one that “made your day" is at the top of the list.
  • Rate your day 1 to 5 stars according to your overall happiness.
  • That´s it. All you have to do.

    These are the effects:

  • First you will start to notice and remember the many little things that are easily missed otherwise. ("Reframe")
  • Then you will discover what makes you happy consistently. ("Reflect")
  • Finally you will actively search for and create these Highlights in your life. ("Rearrange")
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    At the start of every day the watch complication for Highlights shows five dimmed stars. They remind you of the potential of the day, every time you look at your watch. Similar to Apple´s own activity rings they also animate you to change their state: Notice, or create, a significant event to add to your day and light up one of those stars.

    The Watch-App gives you the ability to record Highlights via voice. Because this is much less effort than getting out your phone it will allow you to record Highlights directly after they happened or even while they are happening.
    The "less is more" approach to journaling of Highlights, where a few words per event suffice, fits perfectly here.

    The immediacy of this combination, watch instead of phone and succinct description, also makes it more likely that not even the smallest things escape your attention.

    Each Highlight lights up a star

    Enter Highlights from your watch ...

    ... using your voice


    Small print

    This app respects your time, data, privacy, intelligence, taste and money:

    Using Highlights is very fast: Between the landscape keyboard and the “Save & New”-Button you will be done in 1 minute each day. The app can also remind you with a nice sound at whatever time is convenient for you. Using Apple Watch is a great alternative: You can dictate a Highlight even faster directly after, or even while, it happens.

    Your data belongs to you: Export all of your highlights & ratings in iCal-format at any time for backup, to view them in most calendar applications or to print them to treasure and keep in a safe place forever.

    Nothing is ever sent anywhere, your Highlights & ratings stay on your iPhone exclusively where they are encrypted. (Exception: When using the watch app to dictate Highlights your voice is temporarily processed on Apple´s servers)
    You are the valued customer here, not the product!
    You can set the app to use Touch ID to open to keep your data away from kids, your spouse or anyone else you gave your phone to.
    Please make sure to also read our nice privacy policy.

    Why take this seriously?
    A “positive journal” / “positive data log” is a standard method used in depression therapy to increase happiness.
    Highlights is a very simple and usable form of this, optimized for daily usability by everyone.
    If you are interested in the cognitive behavioral science behind the app you can read the following:

  • “Positive Psychology in Clinical Practice”, Seligmann et al, 2005
  • “Do Positive Psychology Exercises Work?”, Mongrain & Anselmo-Matthews, 2012
  • “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”, Wilding & Milne, 2010
  • “Counting blessings versus burdens: An experimental investigation of gratitude and subjective wellbeing in daily life”, Emmons & McCullough, 2003
  • Taste:
    Pick your personal combination of 12 colors and 8 fonts.

    Did you know you can get your money back within 90 days if an app does not work as expected?
    This is how it works:

  • go to reportaproblem.apple.com
  • log in
  • select the app in question
  • tap / click "Report a Problem"
  • select "Item opens but doesn´t function as expected"
  • tap / click "Submit"
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