Daily Quest
Tiny adventures

Each day there is a new “Quest” ...

... the inspiration for a mini-adventure that fits into your day to day life.

Some Quests will be crazy, some will be hard, some will be fun, some will make you think.

All will help you grow.

“Daily Quest” will learn from the Quests you complete and challenge you accordingly:
Some of the 230 Quests are only unlocked by doing others first.



Small print

This app respects your time, privacy, intelligence and money:

Quests are designed to fit into your life. Most will take 5 minutes or less to complete.

Nothing is ever sent anywhere, which Quests you complete stays on your iPhone exclusively.
You are the valued customer here, not the product!
Please make sure to also read our nice privacy policy.

Why do this?
Each Quest is designed to make you step slighty out of your comfort zone, a known way to help you grow.
There are several categories of Quests, for mind and body.
There will be the occasional Quest where you´ll simply shake your head and ignore it.
There will also be the occasional Quest that will give you an idea you love and would never have come up with on your own.

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