„Highlights“ for your company

Why should you care?

Prevent Burnout of your employees. With its 3-R approach (Reframe - Reflect - Rearrange) "Highlights" is like an insurance policy for work-life balance.

Measure employee happiness. By getting anonymized & aggregated "Highlights" star ratings you'll always have a good idea of the state of things (opt-in only!).

Improve Employer Branding. Providing a version of "Highlights" adapted to your CI shows that you care and provides regular positive interactions with your brand.

What do you get?

  • App "Highlights”, branded to your CI, in binary format for Android & iOS
  • One-Pager manual, branded to your CI, for web & print
  • Continuous maintenance & development
  • Monthly aggregated & anonymized usage and employee happiness reports (opt-in only!)
  • 3rd lvl Support with 48 hour reaction time
  • Guarantee of privacy by Risu-Apps
  • What does it cost?

    5 $ / employee / year (minimum 10.000 $ / year)

    What additional services are available?

  • Building and maintaining an appstore presence for your company
  • Code audits
  • Custom feature development
  • 24/7 support with 2 hour reaction time
  • Seminars covering the scientific background and most efficient use
  • Interested?

    Contact us via licensing@risu-apps.com.

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